Spread Joy Through Tai Chi Classes. Become a Tai Chi Teacher

Tai Chi Teacher 

The Tai Chi & Wellness Academy offers a 3 year in-depth training course – tailored for those who would like to develop a full or part-time career teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation.
The benefits and impacts of Tai Chi and Chi Kung are transformational. In a world where so many of us are searching for solutions to improve our mental and physical wellbeing, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation offer a simple yet powerful path forward.
The course empowers students to take responsibility for their positive growth and development in a nurturing and welcoming environment – and provides them with the skills to teach and assist others to do the same.

"I trained as a Tai Chi Teacher over ten years ago. I found the teaching very enjoyable and inspiring and most beneficial to health and well-being. I still practice Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation on a regular basis and find it very uplifting and energising."

Anne B.

Who is it for?


This course is suited to anyone inspired to teach the Infinite Arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation and to empower and support others to make a positive change in their lives. So whether you are new to Tai Chi and Chi Kung or have been experiencing the benefits of these healing arts in your own life, gaining certification as a Tai Chi Teacher can be quite transformative at a career level but also at a personal level.The key requirement is having the desire to develop a higher level of wellness and consciousness, and the motivation to teach others and to equip them with this potential for positive growth and freedom. Our current students come from a range of backgrounds including: the caring professions, fitness instructors, coaches, business professionals, teachers and much more. Some want to evolve their skills to benefit their current role - others want to develop a completely new skill set to change career or develop an additional career outlet part-time.

What to expect...


This course is an immersive experience – students learn Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation skills that not only offer them career opportunities, but that greatly improve their own well-being and quality of life. Students spend time learning the theory behind Tai Chi – evolution, impact on the mind, body and spirit, and its potential for opening up the pathway to wellness. They also learn about the body itself – anatomy and physiology – to understand the biomechanics. During the weekend sessions, students get first hand instruction on Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation – enabling them to hone their techniques and develop their skills and confidence. 
Groups are kept small and there is plenty of one-to-one support from trainers and experts.

 All weekend workshops adhere to current health advice. (More information is available on request.)

Course Structure


This is a 3 year part-time course. Each year consists of 10 x 2 day sessions delivered in person, on Saturdays and Sundays. 
There are 2 assessments per year - and these must be passed in order to graduate to year 2 and 3. Detailed course materials are provided each training weekend, which builds up to a complete and extensive training manual.
(All course materials are provided within the fee.)

Teaching infinite Tai Chi in Laos

Teaching Infinite Tai Chi in Laos, South East Asia

The End Result

After graduation from the course, students will be qualified to teach Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung to the general public. Advice in setting up their own classes is also provided. Graduates of The Tai Chi and Wellness Academy are equipped not only with the technical skills to teach Tai Chi and Chi Kung, but with the ability and confidence to empower the students they teach to learn a skill that can improve their mental, physical and spiritual well being. Overall, graduates will experience deeper learning and growth, and can look forward to a new more balanced, enlightened and a more loving outlook on life.

As a Tai Chi & Wellness Academy teacher you will be ready to go out to the world to share this radiance for the greater good. You will agree to protect the high quality and integrity of the Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation arts.

 Year 1:

Students will learn: 

  1. The basic moves of stages 1-3 of the Tai Chi form
  2. Chi Kung exercises: Butterfly Sweeping, The Golden Sun Series, 6 Healing Sounds and Primary Standing Like A Tree
  3. Basic anatomy and physiology
  4. Introduction to Meditation Techniques


 Year 2:

Second year focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the principles and philosophy of Tai Chi. It includes:

  • Revision of the skills mastered in first year (stages 1-3 of the Tai Chi form and Chi Kung exercises)
  • Soft Chi Kung exercise: Spirals in the Air
  • Meditation: preparing for deepening into the practice
  • Managing your Tai Chi practice
  • Standing Like a Tree: intermediate level & advanced level
  • Introduction to Stages 4 and 5 Infinite Tai Chi Form
  • Warm Up Exercises: becoming familiar with leading short Warm Up Exercises

Students are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with High Level Wellness, through independent study and research.
Practice of 1.5 - 3 hours of Tai Chi per day is recommended along with 20-30 minutes daily meditation.
There is a 6 month and end of year practical assessment. In addition there will be an essay assignment to be completed by month 8. Both elements must be passed to qualify to take part in Year 3.


 Year 3:

Third year focuses on perfecting the Tai Chi form and all the Chi Kung exercises, gaining a broader understanding of pathways to wellness through the Infinite Arts and working with the higher life-force energies. It includes:

  • Perfecting the Infinite Tai Chi Long Form (stage 1-5)
  • Understanding what is the Essence of Life
  • Practising teaching skills – how to present yourself, voice projection, how to demonstrate moves, keeping a class fully engaged, preparing class content and structure
  • Leading a Guided Meditation Session
  • Healing through Tai Chi – nature forces
  • Introduction to Personal Coaching - care of self and of students, running an ethical and responsible business, understanding your own calling in life

The daily commitment is now determined by the individual student. Course tutors are available to assist students and to ensure a balanced and natural progression. Assessment at month 6 includes a practical presentation to class of Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises. An assigned essay must be submitted at Month 8. 

2021/2 Course Dates 



September 25th - 26th
October 16th - 17th
November 13th - 14th
December 11th - 12th


January 15th - 16th
February 19th - 20th
March 19th - 20th
April 23rd - 24th
May 21st - 22nd
June 18th - 19th




An Gairdín Beo 
Old Dublin Road 
R93 E1HF



Fee per year: €1950
(€100 discount if full payment is made prior to commencement of programme)

Payment in instalments can be arranged on request.

"Tai Chi has given me freedom to be myself and has made me conscious of the body I live in and the power within. With the support and loving kindness of my teachers and students, freely given, it has given me a sense of ease and peace along with expanding my mind. When I practice, it brings to mind the feeling of soaring high in the sky ...... pure freedom."

Brigid B.

"Health and spirituality would be the motivation for my participation in this Teacher Training course, remaining strong, flexible and grounded. Meditation is a requirement and this is essential for spiritual growth. I am looking forward to teaching in these areas. The teaching instructors are very experienced and respected people. They model an attractive lifestyle."

Olivia W.